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two black 38mm extedned indicators sit on a log, one stands up, while the over lays across showing the hieght, side and top view of the Australian Made Black NutWare.
A side view of a white Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series, with silver aloy rims which have been fitted with Black Australian Made loose wheel nut indicators
Black 38mm extended NutWare loose wheel nut indicators on a clean Black Track steel rim with Dunlop tyres.
A close up side view of sparkling new silver, white and black Spinnifex tandem axle Caravan, fitted with black 38mm dual purpose Black 38mm loose wheel nut indicators
Black 38mm dual purpose Australian made NutWare Loose Wheel Nut Indicators fitted on the wheel nuts of a Hilux chrome rim

BLACK | Packs of 25

When you want all the benefits of Loose Wheel Nut Indicators without the impact of a bright colour, Black NutWare is the right choice. These bad boys will provide you with same real time, on the spot indication of a loose or missing wheel nut, (while keeping those nuts squeaky clean), without having a huge impact on the overall look of your vehicle. 

Available in 19mm, 21mm and 22mm diameter hex x 38mm long sleeve.            

Pack of 25 indicators

$69.99 Including GST

21mm SOLD OUT -  Good News! Pre-Order available, dispatch June 14 2021. 


Pease visit our Product Info and Size & Fit page to learn more about the benefits of the extended wheel nut indicators and to determine the correct size for your vehicle.



Finding the right size, style & fit

For your set of Austalian Made, Dual Purpose Loose Wheel Nut Indicators

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4wds, Caravans & Camper Trailers

NutWare indicate the first signs of wheel nut movement & wheel nut loss.

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Tradie's Trailers

NutWare also indicate excessive heat caused by overheating bearings.

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Boat Trailers

NutWare are easy to fit and assess, anytime, anywhere - making this important safety check child's play.

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Applications for Work and Play

Protecting your vehicle, caravan & trailer from wheel loss & overheating bearings.

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