NutWare Loose Wheel Nut Indicators

An Aussie Made, dual purpose, safety device for the family 4wd, Caravan, Trailer & Camper Trailer.

We have work covered too with Standard Yellow for Mobile Plant Equipment & Trucks, Tyre Change Alert Kits and indicators for the Tradies' Ute & Workmans' Trailer.

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Finding the right size & fit

For your set of Aussie Made, Dual Purpose Loose Wheel Nut Indicators

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How do they work?

It's pretty simple - fit the indicators firmly over the wheel nuts in your chosen, uniform pattern and visually monitor them - it's that easy. 

If an indicator is missing: You have lost a wheel nut - Time to check all wheel nuts, studs, threads and bearings. Torque to your vehicle's specifications. You've just prevented wheel loss.

If an indicator is no longer in the pattern you applied: Your wheel nut has loosened off. Time to check all wheel nuts, studs, threads and bearings. Torque to your vehicle's specifications. You've just prevented wheel loss.

If an indicator has discoloured (gone milky and pale): Something is causing excessive heat - discolouration occurs at 123 degrees. You may have an overheated bearing, bearing collapse or bearing seizure. Time to check all wheel nuts, studs, threads and bearings. You've just prevented wheel loss. 

When NutWare Wheel Nut Indicators are checked regularly, any movement or discolouration is clearly visible. You will be able to act preemptively BEFORE wheel loss or bearing seizure and collapse occurs.

The effective use of wheel nut indicators WILL save you time and money, and may even save a life. 

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Applications for Work and Play

Protecting your vehicle, caravan & trailer from wheel loss & overheating bearings.

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Caravans & Camper Trailers

NutWare indicate the first signs of wheel nut movement & wheel nut loss.

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Tradie's Trailers

NutWare also indicate excessive heat caused by overheating bearings.

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Boat Trailers

NutWare are easy to fit and assess, anytime, anywhere - making this important safety check child's play.

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Here's what some happy Campers have to say:

"A handy little safety device whether you're 4wding, touring or towing. They come in a heap of different colours and sizes and they're AUSTRALIAN MADE!! Simply fit them on top of your wheel nuts in a uniform pattern and any movement will be clearly visible.And trust me, they won't fall off. If they can survive the West Coast of Tasmania, they can survive anything. 
Did I mention they're Australian made?" - Emily Rainbow aka #4wdgirl, Black 21mm.


"A quality made Aussie product, fast delivery, what more could you ask for?" - Navman, Black 22mm.


"Excellent and very fast and easy to deal with. Highly recommend." - N. Wills, Green 19mm.


"Product as described and quick delivery - earlier than expected. Excellent." - Jimmie, Black 21mm.


"Unbelievable delivery speed, fantastic, thank you." - Hiluxwombat, Orange 21mm.