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Black on black, the factory black steel Toyota Landcruiser rims are fitted with black Australian made loose wheel nut indicators, supplied by NutWare.
Two black 38mm extended loose wheel nut indicators are displayed on a log to show side profile, depth, length and top view. These are supplied by NutWare, Australian distributor,
A side view of a white Toyota Landcruiser 200 series, with silver aloy rims, fitted with Black Australian Made loose wheel nut indicators, supplied by NutWare
A close up shot shows Black 38mm extended NutWare loose wheel nut indicators on a clean Blak Trak steel rim with Dunlop tyres. The indicators are set in a slight anti clockwise pattern with pointers facing outward, allowing room for the pointer to turn freely in the event of loosening off.
A close up side view of sparkling new silver, white and black Spinnifex tandem axle Caravan, fitted with black 38mm dual purpose Black 38mm loose wheel nut indicators
Black 38mm dual purpose Australian made NutWare Loose Wheel Nut Indicators fitted on the wheel nuts of a Hilux chrome rim

BLACK | Packs of 25

When you want all the benefits of Loose Wheel Nut Indicators without the impact of a bright colour, our Black loose wheel nut indicators are the right choice.

Selling out multiple times, these have proven to be our most popular colour option in the range...

We understand that safety and preventative maintenance are important to you, but you don't necessarily want to be touring Australia in your prized possession with bright yellow wheel nut indicators fitted!

We understand that you are coming and going from work sites but you don't necessarily want to remove the yellow wheel nut indicators every Friday arvo and put them back on a Monday morning!

We get it - and we have you sorted with our 19mm 21mm and 22mm Black Loose Wheel Nut Indicators.

These guys will provide you with the same high quality construction and durability (made in Australia!), the same real time, on the spot indication of loose or missing wheel nuts, and the same alert to excessive heat, WITHOUT having a huge impact on the overall look of your vehicle. 

The 38mm long sleeve allows for a secure fit on alloy and steel rims with either recessed or exposed wheel nuts.           

Hop over to our Product Info and Size & Fit page to learn more about the benefits of the extended wheel nut indicators and to determine the correct size for your vehicle.

Camper Australia Magazine | Product Review

"There I was, minding my own business as I drove the Pretty Pine Road, when I felt a jolt and then saw the wheel off my camper overtake me as it scooted across a paddock...

... NutWare Loose Wheel Nut Indicators are a cheap investment and something I will now always use, if only for peace of mind..."

- Glenn Marshall, Camper Australia Magazine.

Finding the right size, style & fit

For your set of Austalian Made, Dual Purpose Loose Wheel Nut Indicators

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NutWare - 4WD | Caravan | Trailer

"Loose Wheel Nut Indicators can let you know at a glance if any need tightening. And that could save you a lot more than just damaged wheels and studs. Think about it." - Mark Oastler, CarsGuide.

4wds, Caravans & Camper Trailers

NutWare's loose wheel nut indicator range identify the first signs of wheel nut movement & wheel nut loss.

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Tradie's Trailers

NutWare's loose wheel nut indicators also identify excessive heat caused by overheating bearings, bearing collapse and sticking breaks.

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Boat Trailers

Our loose wheel nut indicators are easy to fit and assess, anytime, anywhere - making this important safety check child's play.

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Applications for Work and Play

From the family 4wd, caravan, camper and boat trailer, to the work ute and fleet, we have something to suit you.

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"It’s important to understand the potential financial – and tragically in some cases – human cost of loose wheel nuts." - Mark Oastler, CarsGuide.