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4wds, Caravans & Camper Trailers

NutWare indicate the first signs of wheel nut movement & wheel nut loss.

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Tradie's Trailers

NutWare also indicate excessive heat caused by overheating bearings.

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Boat Trailers

NutWare are easy to fit and assess, anytime, anywhere - making this important safety check child's play.

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Applications for Work and Play

Protecting your vehicle, caravan & trailer from wheel loss & overheating bearings.

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NutWare Loose Wheel Nut Indicators

An Aussie Made, dual purpose, safety device for the family 4wd, Caravan, Trailer & Camper Trailer.

We have work covered too with Standard Yellow for Mobile Plant Equipment & Trucks, Tyre Change Alert Kits and indicators for the Tradies' Ute & Workmans' Trailer.

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Finding the right size & fit

For your set of Aussie Made, Dual Purpose Loose Wheel Nut Indicators

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