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Bush Access Track - Bikes & Mud

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A swampy water trap on a 4wd track, a man and two young boys have made it to the other side on their Honda motorbikes.

The boys are turning out to be top little riders so we set a bit of a challenge for them this weekend. 

A boy in full motorbike riding gear, walks along the grassy green edge of a water covered track, his dad rides his bike through for him. Another boy on a Honda dirt bike, also head to toe in protective MX gear, rides his bike through the water behind his dad.

Taking a few hours to complete, this track offers a lot of diversity in its terrain. From gravel, sand, deep ruts, well worn furrows, mud, swampy grasses, a few alternative routes and fallen trees (we lifted and busted up two on the way through). 

A young boy dressed head to toe in protective motorbike riding gear stands looking at his Honda motorbike, which is stuck in a deep mud rut heading up hill on a muddy motorbike track.

There are also some very (very!) narrow sections and some very wide, flat sections too where the boys could go for broke and bust out a few fish tails and doughnuts.

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