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Bush Access Track - Bikes & Mud

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Swampy water trap on this 4wd track, the NutWare boys made it through on their bikes.

The boys are turning out to be top little riders so we set a bit of a challenge for them this weekend. 

Honda 110 in a deep water rut, bush access track, South Australia.

Taking a few hours to complete, this track offers a lot of diversity in its terrain. From gravel, sand, deep ruts, well worn furrows, mud, swampy grasses, a few alternative routes and fallen trees (we lifted and busted up two on the way through). 

Muddy rut a Honda 110 stuck in it! Bush Access Track Trip taken by NutWare and the boys on their motor bikes.

There are also some very (very!) narrow sections and some very wide, flat sections too where the boys could go for broke and bust out a few fish tails and doughnuts.

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