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Safety Tips When Towing - Have you checked for Loose Wheel Nuts lately?

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'What Impacts Safety when Towing a Caravan', published by Lets Go Caravan and Camping (9.11.2016) covers some important safety issues when towing a caravan, including the Tow Vehicle, Load Distribution and Capacity, Servicing and Maintenance and Towing Aids.

Lets Go Caravan and Camping advises readers -

"to regularly check the wheel nuts or studs to ensure they are tightened to the correct torque as specified by the manufacturer."

We can not stress this enough! Fitting a set of NutWare Indicators is such a simple, quick and cheap way to provide a real time, visual alert to any wheel nut movement, loss and excessive heat, before hitting the road and while conducting that quick 'rest stop' inspection.

Loose Wheel Nut Indicators will keep this often forgotten and overlooked maintenance task at the forefront of your mind when towing your caravan or camper trailer, to hugely assist in the prevention of wheel loss and bearing collapse.


Click here to read the article from Lets Go Caravan and Camping.


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