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TAWKers - Kids Camp Free!

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So, it's Friday night, you've either already hit the road for the weekend, or you're at home thinking about how you wish you could hit the road for the weekend - or longer - say 12 months!!

If you're planning a trip, (a quick weekender or an epic adventure), and you have kids, you should definitely check this out:

With a TAWK membership card, KIDS CAMP FOR FREE! - at select Caravan parks around OZ.

At most participating parks, 2 nights are on the house, but some parks are offering more ( - and at some, even further discounts apply!)

When you have three kids, like us, the cost of those additional bodies each night certainly adds up over the weeks. And for only $12.50, this nifty little card will save you hundreds!!

For a full list of caravan parks (the list keeps growing too), their inclusions / exclusions, and additional discounts the card entitles you too, go ahead and click below.

Explore the Travel Australia With Kids website to find the PDF list of parks as well as links to all of their sites. I have also included Tawk's handy map dotted in glorious red pins! 

Oh and TAWKers also get $10 off their NutWare order 😉
Might have to put one of these bad boys on the Christmas List.

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