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Wheel Nut Indicators - What are they? - CarsGuide, March 2020

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"Let’s be honest here - when was the last time (if ever) you checked the wheel nuts on your motor vehicle and/or trailer?" - Mark Oastler, CarsGuide.

'Wheel Nut Indicators: What are they used for?' is a great introduction to Loose Wheel Nut Indicators, written by Mark Oastler, Contributing Journalist, at Cars Guide (2.3.2020).

Mr Oastler points out "it’s important to understand the potential financial – and tragically in some cases – human cost of loose wheel nuts." Loose wheel nuts often cause damage to wheels and studs, resulting in expensive repairs and replacements. More sobering than the financial cost is the potential for the resulting detached wheel to cause an accident, serious injury or even fatality.  

In addition to indicating a loose or missing wheel nut, with the aim to prevent wheel loss, NutWare's Loose Wheel Nut Indicators can also alert you to excessive heat. Mr Oastler explains this function: "Loose Wheel Nut Indicators can also assist in alerting the driver or mechanic to overheating caused by a sticking brake or perhaps a faulty wheel bearing. Excessive heat build-up in the wheel can discolour the plastic, or at worst distort or even melt it." NutWare's indicators are designed to discolour at 123 degrees for this purpose; allowing you to act in a more timely manner to find the source of the heat and rectify the problem before further damage occurs.

Mr Oastler goes on to say "The simplest and most affordable Loose Wheel Nut Indicator is a teardrop-shaped plastic cap or ring, usually day-glo yellow, orange or green in colour, that fits snugly over a wheel nut." 

He adds "If these caps are fitted to all the nuts on a wheel, the pointy ends can be pointed in the same direction or, if there’s an equal number of nuts, pairs of these indicators can be pointed at each other. Either way, a loose wheel nut (or nuts) can be seen at a glance because its indicator’s position will have changed." - Yes, it really is that easy! (For more on finding the right size, style and fit for your vehicle or tow vehicle, click here).

"Loose Wheel Nut Indicators can let you know at a glance if any need tightening. And that could save you a lot more than just damaged wheels and studs. Think about it." - Mark Oastler, CarsGuide.

Loose Wheel Nut Indicators have become common place in heavy industry and in may workplaces, Mr Oastler shares with his reader that "it's important to know that Loose Wheel Nut Indicators aren’t exclusive to operators of commercial vehicle fleets. Any owner of a car, SUV4x4, caravan, horse float or boat trailer can also benefit from the increased safety and peace-of-mind provided by these simple and effective devices". Supporting the everyday driver, NutWare supply indicators in smaller, affordable packs of 15 and 25, for single axle and dual axle/vehicles. We also offer our customers more colour options, in addition to the common 'work' yellow, to better suit private vehicles, caravans and trailers.


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