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21mm x 38mm and a 32mm x 45mm yellow extended loose wheel nut indicators. Australian made, Bags of 100 in a combination of sizes available to order.
The sleeve design grips the corners of the wheel nut hex. This is the 21mm x 38mm and a 32mm x 45mm Australian Made loose wheel nut indicator, supplied at NutWare.
Extended 38mm wheel nut indicator in safety yellow. Australian made, available from NutWare in packs of 100. Suitable for recessed wheel nuts, for trailers, 4wds, caravans.
Showing the inside of the extended 38mm loose wheel nut indicator. The indicator grips the corners of the wheel nut firmly. Australian Made, and available from NutWare for 4wds, caravans and trailers.
Work place safety on the Toyota Hilux, Yellow NutWare extended loose wheel nut Indicators, 65mm deep recess. Australian made.
65mm deep extended loose wheel nut indicators, work place safety in yellow. Australian made NutWare

Mixed Bag | YELLOW Extended Indicators | Packs of 100

Create a mixed bag of 100 yellow extended indicators, made up of a combination of sizes to suit your specific needs, for the best possible price. 

While acting as a visual indicator to loose & missing wheel nuts and excessive heat, the cap design also protects nuts from mud, dust, dirt and damage. 

These indicators are suitable for rims with fully exposed wheel nuts, as well as alloy & chrome rims with recessed nuts, with a depth of up to 38mm, 40mm, 45mm and 65mm.

Sizes available:

19mm / 21mm / 22mm x 38mm
27mm / 30mm x 40mm
32mm / 33mm x 45mm
19mm / 21mm / 22mm x 65mm 
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* Please allow 5 working days for dispatch on all packs of 100. 

Please visit our Product Info and Size & Fit page to learn more about the benefits of the extended wheel nut indicators and to determine the correct size for your vehicle.