Two NutWare Military Green loose wheel nut indicators, one showing the internal structure which grips the corners of the wheel nut hex and the other showing the sleeve length, designed to fit a wheel nut recessed up to 38mm.
A black Blak Trak steel rim with a manual locking hub has olive green, or military green NutWare Loose Wheel Nut Indicators fitted correctly, with pointers all pointing in the same direction.
Two olive green, or military green NutWare loose wheel nut indicators on grey gravel, some brown dry leaves are also underneath the indicators. One loose wheel nut indicator is laying length ways to show a side profile while the other indicator is sitting upside down, to show the inside of the indicator tube.

Military Green | Packs of 15

This colour is brand new to NutWare and we are stoked with it! The dark, olive green is subtle and adaptable on a black or chrome rim. And like all of our indicators, these are Australian Made and dual purpose - alerting you to loose and missing wheel nuts as well as excessive heat. 

If you are looking to fit a set of Loose Wheel Nut Indicators, but want to avoid a bright colour, these are a great alternative.

These indicators will suit a rim with fully exposed wheel nuts or rims with wheel nuts recessed up to 38mm.

Available in 19mm, 21mm and 22mm diameter hex x 38mm long sleeve.  

Pack of 15 indicators

$49.99 Including GST

Please visit our Product Info and Size & Fit page to learn more about the benefits of the extended wheel nut indicators and to determine the correct size for your vehicle.