Australian Made loose wheel nut indicators, in orange, fitted on the Roh Blak rims with Mickey Thompson Deegan 38in tyres, on a silver XLS Ford Ranger Dual Cab
Mount Greenly, Coles Point beach and Greenly Beach are pictured in the background, while the front end of a Toyota Landcruiser 76 series are positioned centrally in the fore ground. The white Landcruiser is fitted with orange NutWare loose wheel nut indicators, used to indicate loose or missing wheel nuts, before wheel loss occurs
Australian made Orange loose wheel nut indicators are fitted on an off road Kimberley Camper Trailer. These are used to indicate loose or missing wheel nuts before wheel loss occurs. The Kimberley camper is loaded with camping equipment on the top and is being towed by a dark blue Landcruiser Troop Carrier
A close up shot of some Australian made, orange loose wheel nut indicators, positioned on top of cut fire wood, these are supplied by retailer NutWare for fitting on 4wds, caravans and trailers
NutWare's Australian made safety orange Loose Wheel Nut Indicators fitted correctly on a Jayco Silverline Caravan. The pointers on the indicators are all pointing outward in a safe and uniform pattern, allowing room for the indicator to rotate if the wheel nuts were to loosen off or come off completely.

ORANGE | Packs of 25

Going for a safety colour when picking your NutWare Wheel Nut Indicators is a great choice for lots of reasons, the first being that you will have no trouble assessing or locating your indicators, particularly if you spend a lot of time off road. These little babies will also keep the dust, sand and mud out, so those nuts stay in top condition. 

Available in 19mm, 21mm and 22mm diameter hex x 38mm long sleeve.                 

Pack of 25 indicators

$69.99 Including GST

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Please visit our Product Info and Size & Fit page to learn more about the benefits of the extended wheel nut indicators and to determine the correct size for your vehicle.


* Please note: Slight variation in colour tone between the 19mm Orange, compared to the 21mm and 22mm Orange, due to manufacturer's colour update.