About us

Being on the road a lot with our family four wheel drive for work, travel and adventure, we came across loose wheel nut indicators on a work vehicle. We thought they were a great little device and after learning more about them, we felt that they were actually essential to our safety. 

We have personally experienced wheel loss while travelling, as have family members. Knowing what we know now, we would not consider towing or travelling without them. 

As well as their safety applications, we also loved the look of them…The traditional safety yellow looked ok, but we wanted something a bit different. So we had Green, Black, Red, and Orange made for us in Melbourne, Australia, with the support of a major Aussie wheel safety expert and manufacturer. In March 2016, NutWare Coloured Wheel Nut Indicators opened for business.

Our aim is to provide everyday drivers and travellers like us, with an affordable and reliable safety device that will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It's such a simple little device, one of the kids can check them. Or a new mate in the caravan park can point out and say - 'Hey mate, I think you've got a loose wheel nut'. It's an alert that you will notice when you're fueling up, stopping for lunch, anywhere, anytime -  So you can jump on it before wheel loss occurs.

We are a family business, located on the rugged west coast of South Australia's Eyre Peninsula.

We have three rowdy, messy boys, a big black dog (Edit: RIP Jack the Black Dog - 13yrs of friendship and love. Edit: Welcome to the tribe - Mak, our brindle and white Mastiff x Rotty March 2017) and a Land Cruiser 70 Series V8 Workmate wagon. And we recently added a 1988 Suzuki Sierra High Top 4x4 to our garage! A little tag-a-long shorty!

We are all about 4wd Adventure, Exploration, Hiking, MX, Fishing, Surf & the Outdoors. We spend our free time together, getting messy.

We tow a 16ft Viscount Pop Top for camping; boat trailer and tinny - loaded with boards and kayak for fishing and surfing our local beaches; a 7x5 trailer for motorbikes, and a 4x4 for general work.

We do a lot of kms and we tow A LOT. And we love it.


To see what we get up to with our 4WD on the weekend, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram (@nutware) and check out our Blog here.

NutWare is 100% Australian owned and operated.

Boys having a quick surf after school, Coles Point, NutWare Loose Wheel Nut Indicators