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Why fit Loose Wheel Nut Indicators? Loose & missing wheel nuts and overheated bearings will essentially result in the detaching of wheels. This would obviously have a disastrous effect on your vehicle, the asset you're towing, your personal safety and the safety of other road users.

Fitting a set of Wheel Nut Indicators will enable you to visually identify the first signs of wheel nut movement or loss and excessive heat caused by overheating bearings, with a simple walk around of your vehicle. You can then act immediately to find the cause, rectify the issue and prevent further damage.

The Wheel Nut Indicators that NutWare supply are manufactured in Australia by Redcat Industries. They are made from tough, UV stabilised engineering grade plastics, to suit the harsh Australian conditions.

How do they work? It's pretty simple - fit the indicators firmly over the wheel nuts in your chosen, uniform pattern and visually monitor them - it's that easy. 

If an indicator is missing: You have lost a wheel nut - Time to check all wheel nuts, studs, threads and bearings. Torque to your vehicle's specifications. You've just prevented wheel loss.
If an indicator is no longer in the pattern you applied: Your wheel nut has loosened off. Time to check all wheel nuts, studs, threads and bearings. Torque to your vehicle's specifications. You've just prevented wheel loss.
If an indicator has discoloured (gone a milky and pale): Something is causing excessive heat - discolouration occurs at 123 degrees. You may have an overheated bearing, bearing collapse or bearing seizure. Time to check all wheel nuts, studs, threads and bearings. You've just prevented wheel loss. 

When Loose Wheel Nut Indicators are fitted correctly and checked regularly, any movement or discolouration is clearly visible, enabling you to act preemptively BEFORE wheel loss or bearing seizure and collapse occurs.

Will Loose Wheel Nut Indicators suit my vehicle? The Extended Indicators are designed to fit vehicles with exposed or recessed wheel nuts, including alloy and chrome mags. They are also very well suited to factory steel rims depending on your personal choice and the look you are after.

With their cap design, extended wheel nut indicators also protect the wheel nuts from damage, mud, dirt and dust, making tyre changes and general maintenance easier.

Our stock sizes suit most 4WDs, Caravans, Camper Trailers, Tradie's Trailers, Boat Trailers, Jet Ski Trailers and Horse Floats.

Black, Red, Green, Orange and Yellow are available in a 38mm deep sleeve X 19mm / 21mm / 22mm wheel nut diameter.

Yellow is available in a deeper 65mm deep sleeve X 19mm / 21mm / 22mm wheel nut diameter.

We also have some Yellow in 40 and 45mm deep sleeve.

The Standard, open ring style Indicators are only suited to fully exposed wheel nuts. These are available in a wide range of sizes; from 17mm for small mobile plant equipment, right up to 50mm for trucks. 

Ensure that you measure the wheel nut size and the recess depth to find out your exact size and the style you need - every vehicle and rim is different. Please see our Size & Fit guide for further info.

What should I do before fitting the Indicators? Check all wheel nuts, studs, rims and threads for damage. If everything is in order, torque wheel nuts to the manufacturer’s recommendations for your vehicle. Fit your Wheel Nut Indicators.

After as little as 25km - 100 km (or one good country drive) after torquing, it is recommended that you check your wheel nuts again and re-torque - (this should also be done after any routine maintenance or tyre change).

Wheel nut indicators are not intended to replace your regular or recommended preventative safety maintenance. They are complementary to this program, providing an on the spot, real time alert, when fitted correctly.

Please continue your regular maintenance program -  check wheel nuts, studs, rims and threads for damage and re-torque as required as per the manufacturer’s recommendations for your vehicle.

Quantities Our indicators come in 25 Packs to suit 4WDs, tandem axle trailers & vans and 15 Packs to suit single axle trailers, campers, horse floats & boat trailers.

Tyre Change Alert Kits for fleet vehicles are available in various quantities.

We also supply BULK  in our Yellow and Orange ranges. Please visit the Bulk & Special Orders page to find out more. 

Our Colours While we provide the traditional safety Yellow Wheel Nut Indicator, we specialise in something a bit different - Red, Safety Orange, Safety Green, Black and Military Green have been manufactured by Redcat Industries, specifically for NutWare customers.

With our colour range, you can achieve a unique, custom look and add significantly to the safety of your vehicle without out-laying a huge amount of cash and without any expensive professional fitting costs.

Lifetime Our manufacturer advises a lifetime of 2 years use, under normal driving conditions. We recommend that you inspect each indicator regularly and replace your set after 2 years. 

NB – The indicators that NutWare on-sell can be applied to assist in pre-emptive identification of loosening wheel nuts and excessive heat, they are not intended to replace or compromise recommended vehicle, wheel, bearing or hub manufacturer’s maintenance procedures. NutWare does not take responsibility for incorrect use or failure to adhere to any advised or recommended maintenance procedures by vehicle, wheel, bearing or hub manufacturer.