Size & Fit

Loose Wheel Nut Indicators must be fitted correctly, with the correct size and pattern application. This is essential to their effectiveness.


For the correct indicator size, you will need to measure the wheel nut diameter. We recommend that you use a Vernier Gauge or well-fitting socket set. As there is only 1 to 2 millimeters difference in our sizes, an accurate measurement is imperative. 

You may also need to measure the wheel nut depth or recess depending on the type of rims you have. To do this, measure from the hub face to the face of the wheel nut. Our indicators come in 2 lengths: 38mm long in black, red, orange, yellow and green and 65mm long in yellow ONLY.


You will be able to fit your indicators yourself. They are fixed firmly to the wheel nut by gripping the six corners of the nut’s hexagon. The indicator should fit very firmly on the nut.

Our extended wheel nut indicators are designed to fit vehicles with recessed nuts including alloy and chrome mags. They are also suited to factory steel rims. 

Pattern Application

The indicators must be set in a uniform pattern. Any pattern will work as long as movement of indicators is clearly visible. The indicator's pointer must have room to move and should not be aligned against the rim or hub. When this pattern is checked regularly, any deviations from the normal pattern will alert you to a loosening or missing nut and allow you to take immediate action.


1.Loose Wheel Nut Indicators showing safe pattern      2. Loose Wheel Nut Indicators showing unsafe pattern

The NutWare Safety Orange Extended Wheel Nut Indicator. The pattern application in picture 1 shows that wheel nuts are safe. The disruption to the normal pattern in picture 2 indicates that a wheel nut has come loose and immediate action should be taken.

We recommend that you check the wheel nut, stud, rims and threads for damage and torque wheel nuts to the manufacture’s specifications BEFORE fitting your set of wheel nut indicators. Ensure that you have followed the manufactures recommendations and specifications for your particular vehicle.

Fitting wheel nut indicators should not replace your regular or recommended preventative safety maintenance, however they will give you an on the spot, real time alert, when fitted correctly. It is advised that you continue your regular maintenance program, to check wheel nuts, studs, rims and threads for damage and re-torque as required as per the manufacturer’s recommendations for your vehicle. Fitting wheel nut indicators will compliment and assist your safety and maintenance program.